Ludhiana hosiery products in Dehradun

Ludhiana hosiery products in Dehradun

If you are searching for good hosiery products, then the best place is Ludhiana.

This page will provide you information and products about

  • Hand-knit sweater in Ludhiana
  • Sweater manufacturer in Ludhiana
  • Ludhiana woolen sweaters Market online

Hand-knit sweater in Ludhiana

The quality of Hand Knit Sweaters made in Ludhiana is of International Level. Many International brands do outsourcing in the hosiery of Ludhiana such as Nike & Adidas.

Better buy the sweaters from hosiery and save the extra money they charge under their brand name

Sweater manufacturer in Ludhiana

There are many sweater manufacturers in Ludhiana. If you want to buy for personal use or for commercial purposes, then both these purposes can be done by these manufacturers.

Name of manufacturers Contact Number
Parshad Pullovers +91-9152732164
Rosy Fashions +91-9888888883
S. Kumar Industries +91-9152255305
V P Oswal Hosiery Factory +91-9152595997
Knit Garden  +91- 9152875199
Bridge Knitwear +91- 915266339 -