Hotel Savoy Mussoorie

Hotel Savoy Mussoorie Haunted story in Hindi – 5 Star Hotels in Masuri

Hotel Savoy Mussoorie

Hotel Savoy Mussoorie Haunted story in Hindi – 5 Star Hotels in Masuri

Admin Saab April 11, 2019

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Spooky Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie haunted by the Ghost of Frances Garnett-Orme to experience unearthly activities

Savoy Hotel Mussoorie – Best Hotels in Masuri

Hotel Savoy is a historic luxury hotel located in Mussoorie. Savoy hotel was established in 1902. It was built in English Gothic architectures style. This is a five star hotel which is very popular among tourists all across the world. This hotel is also famous for its architectural design which makes it one of most sought places of Mussoorie. British officers used to stay in this hotel during British rule in India. It is not only architecture and design this hotel is famous for, it is also believed that a ghost is seen in the hotel. Some guests have also experienced unearthly activities in the hotel. There are many stories of horror attached with this hotel, but in spite of that there is no doubt that this is one of the beautiful architectural works by British architects.

Hotel Savoy Mussoorie
Hotel Savoy Mussoorie

ITC Savoy Mussoorie Haunted

Savoy hotel was opened in the summer of 1902, soon after its opening it became very popular among British officers and civil servants. This hotel is also visited by many famous personalities like Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dalai Lama, Indira Gandhi and many others. In the long journey of so many years, this hotel was owned by many people and hotels. Now, this hotel is owned by Subsidiary Fortune Hotels which owns chain of hotels. Being one of the oldest buildings, this hotel has faced many earthquakes and storms but in spite of that it did not lose its charm and sophistication. Along with its great historical background this hotel is also famous for unearthly activities and its ghost which is seen by many in the hotel.

Ghost of Savoy Hotel

It is believed that in the year 1911, a British spiritualist was found dead in Savoy hotel, poisoned by deadly poison. Frances Garnett-Orme was found dead inside her room which was locked from inside. A thorough investigation followed to find the murderer but the circumstances of death was never known. It is believed that the Ghost of Frances Garnett-Orme was seen several times inside the hotel. Guests who visit Savoy Hotel have also heard disembodied whisper and cry several times during their stay in hotel. Some people believe that the ghost of Frances Garnett is looking for the murderer who poisoned her.

Hotel Savoy Mussoorie haunted story in Hindi – Ghost Stories

Savoy Hotel was built by British architectures during British rule in India. This hotel is a Masterpiece built by Cecil D Lincoln in the year 1902. This hotel is surrounded by natural beauty and mesmerizing sightsee. Savoy Hotel is spread in 7 acre of land which has garden and walkways. This hotel has many artefacts and artificial sceneries which reflects the art and culture of British India. Some of the architectural work of this hotel has its own significance because of its rarity. Hotel Savoy is a five star hotel which makes it very expensive for some people, but people who could afford it must come and stay in this hotel. And people who could not afford staying in this hotel, they must at least come here roam around the hotel to witness the architect of this hotel.

Spooky Savoy Hotel

There are several spooky incidents related to Savoy Hotel. People who have visited this hotel have experienced paranormal activities around this hotel. Many people also claim that they have also seen Frances Garnett face to face, only for a moment before it disappeared in a puff of a smoke in thin air. In spite of being spooky this Hotel has not witnessed any accident and mysterious death. People who visit Mussoorie must come here at least once to see the Hotel build by British government in India.

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