Devalgarh, Pauri Garhwal Capital – History & Temples

Devalgarh, Pauri Garhwal Capital – History & Temples


Devalgarh is former capital of Garhwal near pauri. Here you can read about History & how to reach Devalgarh. Popular Temples in Devalgarh.

About Devalgarh

Devalgarh is a tourist attraction that can be found in the mountains of Srinagar in Uttarakhand. This Devalgarh is situated 19 kms from Srinagar via Chamdhar. The name of the place came from a different story, that is when this place was established by the King of Kangra named as ‘Deval’. Devalgarh was once the capital of the Garhwal Kingdom in the 16th Century, it was the capital before Srinagar was known as the capital.

History of devalgarh

It was before Srinagar when Devalgarh was known as the capital of the Garhwal Kingdom. The time was 1512 when King of Garhwal Region Ajay Pal has changed the capital to Devalgarh. Before Devalgarh the capital was Chandpur Garhi. This Devalgarh remain Capital in the period of 1512-1517 only.

How to Reach Devalgarh

Via Road

Well, this is one of the main concerns to the Devalgarh, We have covered this situation. Devalgarh is well connected via the road of Garhwal. We are going to tell you the whole route to reach Devalgarh, you have first to visit Dehradun or Rishikesh, then need to head towards ‘Byasi’, then kaudiyala, then need to reach Devprayag (another confluence of holy rivers). You can have your break here and can then carry on towards Srinagar. From Srinagar, you need to carry on towards Khirsu-Srinagar Road. You will be reached at Devalgarh.

Via Train

The nearest Railway station is situated in Kotdwar and Rishikesh. You had to come to these places before starting Road Journey.

Via Flight

The Nearest Airport is at Dehradun, which is Jolly Grant Airport. It is just 15 kms far from the Rishikesh, later you have to carry on your journey from the road.

Via Helicopter/ Chopper

These days Uttarkhand Government has started a new startup that tourists can reach Srinagar via Chopper. So in Dehradun, there are chopper services that person can reach easily and in no time.

Temples of Devalgarh

The Devalgarh is the place where you can find peace and mesmerizing scenes of hills. Devalgarh is famous for the ancient temples, some of them are known as they are built in the medieval period. We have a small list of those temples to check the following points.

Maa Raj Rajeswari Temple

This is one of the important temples for the local-lites of Garhwal. This is the temple that is dedicated to the Raj Rajeshwari Maa Goddess. Due to this is an ancient temple and has its value for the Garhwali people they always announce a traditional fair every year. The Maa Raj Rajeswari Temple is situated at the height of 4,000 Meters.

Gauri Devi Temple

This is the temple that is of Goddess Parvati, it is supposed to be built in the 7th Century, it is called as that the temple is made himself by the Lord Kuber. The local people there always organize a traditional fair at the time of harvesting season. They have a tradition of offering their harvesting to the Goddess as gratitude.

The other attractions of the Devalgarh are Laxmi Narayan Temple and Som-ki-Danda Temple, and local sightseeing can be found.

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