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Cycling Tracks In Dehradun - Cyclist Destination Doon
Cycling Tracks in Dehradun

Cycling Tracks in Dehradun – Cyclist Destination in Doon

Cycling Tracks in Dehradun

Cycling Tracks in Dehradun – Cyclist Destination in Doon


This article will provide you some information about the places that can be covered by bicycle. There are multiple tracks for a cyclist in Dehradun. After reading this article, you will be able to know about the popular cycling tracks in Dehradun.

About Dehradun

Dehradun is a place and a city situated in the valley of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is a proud capital of Uttarakhand. This is a place which is famous for the natural sight-seeing, hiking places, street foods, and many special things.

While entring in the Dehradun, you can visit via public transport or taxi, etc. You can roam to the many places if you are willing to travel from the transport. But if you are a wanderer we have some places where you can take a cycle for the refreshing day. So here we go let’s take the look below for the best places for bike rides.


This is a place that is one of the best places in the valley, it is named as Shahastradhara because in some time it is called as a meeting point for the 100s of springs or river that came from where the various parts from the city, mountains, etc. This is a place that is situated approx 15 km away from the center of the city. Shahastradhara is a place where is famous for the summer fondling place to keep your mood and body refreshing, it is also famous for the sulfur spring that can be found in the various places of Shahastradhara. The scenic route of Shahastradhara is best for local hiking and you can hop into a local restaurant for mouth-watering food.


Maldevta a scenic place situated on the border of Dehradun and Tehri Border, just 10-12 Kms away from the center of the city. This is the route that is surrounded by the greenery of the forest and always a river flowing one side of your road. Please be cautious because after you reach Maldevta, the road becomes single-sided and you have to be careful while cycling. The route while going to maldevta is very smooth and good and also these days another attraction of this place is that you can go for the paragliding and other extreme sports.

Purkul Road

Here we brought you another route that is meant to visit Mussoorie. This Route is called as Mall Road of Dehradun, we are talking about Rajpur Road. It is a straight road that starts from the Clock Tower and where to end, it a little bit harder to say (Joking). The route has many points to looks upon some of them are Maggi Points, Malsi Deer Park, Guniyal Gaon forest Hiking, etc. This is the road that goes to Mussoorie Diversion (a roundabout) from a clock tower and then takes left to the Mussoorie. This route takes you to the heaven of Dehradun. You are welcome.

Old Mussoorie Road

Featuring the road used by Britishers at some time. This is the route that is one of the oldest and beautiful of the whole city, we suggest you go there and explore the shops and Tibetian restaurants, as they are famous for the spicy taste. This Route starts from the Mussoorie Diversion and goes straight towards Mussoorie (actually any road to this will lead you to the Mussoorie). The Route is a little bit steep for cycling because this is the point where Plain and Hills meet and you go climbing. All the best for this one and enjoy the scenes.

Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave isn’t is fascinating. The name of the place takes you to the imagination of “Ali baba and 40 Chor”. Famous as Guchhupani in the localities. Your Route starts from Clock Tower and leads straight forward to the Rajpur Road and then take left from the Dilaram Chowk. This is the route that goes from between the Army Cantonment, another place for the Summer refreshment. Robber’s Cave is a place that is kind of open cave and has water flowing out of this cave, this cave is about 200-300 meters long.

Thano Road

First, know where it is, it is the road that connects Dehradun and Rishikesh but this road goes from between forest range. The Road is in the dense forest so the scenery is obvious, but it is a bit far from the city approx 20 kms away. We Local call this Lover Place and has various famous points to enjoy. Some of them are “Famous Lover’s Bridge” and a Temple, and local restaurants. It is also a straight road that you can keep cycling and enjoy the day.

Forest Research Institute (F.R.I.)

FRI is situated in the city and is 6 Kms far from the Clock Tower. The cycling route is in the FRI premises, this is the route where you can have actual fun while cycling. Here when you cycle you will find yourself in between the trees actually in Amsterdam. Here one of the best things is that you will find the different Flora species along your route, that’s why the place is named as Forest Research Institute. Meanwhile, you can also visit the FRI Museum for the different experiences.

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